Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia

The Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia (CEIM) was founded in 1975, by a group of engineers with the belief that the Institute will create a unique brand that will offer services in all areas of civil engineering “all under one roof”, starting from planning, research, design, and quality control to supervision and construction. CEIM has a strong 40 year history and track record in civil engineering excellence. Today, CEIM has almost 250 employees who specialise in four main sectors including engineering, geotechnics, operations and laboratory works.

CEIM engineering excellence provides research, innovation, expertise, advice and direction to clients and partners. They are responsible for driving multi-faceted sectors such as architecture, construction, civil engineering construction, hydrotechnics and electromechanics. Each sector allocates responsibilities for the different functions and processes that are needed to be achieved.

 They assist clients and partners with:
• Planning, preparing and reviewing the entire documentation including the investment and technical elements.
• Construction testing and preparation of projects for reconstruction and rehabilitation
• Consulting services for hydro-energy structures, dams, watercourse regulation, water supply and accompanying facilities
• Water treatment plants, sewage systems and water waste treatment
• Planning and designing traffic and environment protection solutions
• Designing of all kind of structures in the area of building construction
• Civil engineering construction and hydraulic engineering services
• Designing all kinds of mechanical and electrical installations and devices
• Supervising all the construction phases
• Completing project management on behalf of investors. CEIM is an active member of many civil engineering associations, including the following:
• Chamber of Commerce, Macedonia
• Chamber of Certified Architects and Civil Engineers, Macedonia
• Association of Macedonian Commerce for Dams
• Association for Civil Constructors
• Association of Road Engineers
• Association of Macedonian Geology
• Association of Geo-mechanics, Macedonia

CEIM has representative offices in Belgrade, Banja Luka, Serbia and in Podgorica, Montenegro.