Project description
    Continuous education and specialization is essential for professional career development. In developing countries, such as Macedonia, professional engineers working on managerial positions are missing opportunities and offer for adult trainings. This project sets up a new international professional development courses in the field of engineering management and leadership focusing on developing basic and transversal skills. It is expected that these professional development courses will improve the competencies in engineering management and leadership among engineers and scientists in Macedonia, and neighboring countries (Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina) which are having similar context in adult education and needs and challenges among engineering managers.

    Most graduated engineers begin their career in engineering positions, where they can implement their strong technical skills. But after working for a few years, many of these engineers will find themselves in new roles, as supervisors, section or team managers, being responsible for the work of several engineers or some engineers may decide to start up their own enterprise. They will than face great demands in the complex and changing business environment. Challenges and opportunities like this require new management and leadership skills from the engineers in order to be successful in their work. The growing expectation on great results can be met if these engineers continue their education and gain new management and leadership skills. We need to have in mind that most of these engineers work full time and have special needs as adult learners. More specifically, adult learners are self-directed (and can benefit a lot from on-line learning courses), learning from experience and learning by doing (so they will invest their new insights on their work and private life), and, also, their readiness to learn is directly linked to what they need to know (they wish to resolve actual problems and find solutions to their challenges).

    To address these problems and propose new innovative learning opportunities for adult learners, the intended professional development courses will be in line with the needs and expectations of the engineering managers, which will be analyzed on a conducted survey. The target group consists of engineering managers, engineer’s entrepreneurs or engineers who wish to become managers, from Macedonia and the neighboring countries with similar context. The professional development courses for management and leadership skills will improve their competences, linked to their professional profiles, increase opportunities for professional development, and will increase the motivation and satisfaction in their daily work. The professional development courses for management and leadership skills created and implemented in this transnational project will increase the quality of adult education and training in Europe thanks to the expertise of the all involved project partners. The courses will be a result of joint initiative, mutual cooperation, peer learning and exchange of experiences at European level among the project partner organisations. Therefore the professional development courses will be jointly developed by Institute for Research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy (IECE), World University Service (WUS), Bit Management (BIT), Perfect Project and Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia (CEIM).

    This project will ensure high quality learning opportunities to adult learners and provide effective strategies for enhancing basic skills of engineering managers. Thereby the project will take a big step forward to close the gap between the needs of engineering managers and lack of adult training in engineering management and leadership in Macedonia. It is that expected these professional development courses for management and leadership skills be attractive for engineering managers in neighboring countries as well, considering their content, structure and ICT-based training.