Institute for Research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy, IECE

Institute for Research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy - IECE was founded in June, 2014 in Skopje, Macedonia. The foundations of IECE are set on three pillars: research and development, education and consultancy.

IECE driving strategy is based on having an orientation towards sustainable development and an economy based on knowledge, so that can encourage future generations to continue discovering, creating, modelling, executing, monitoring and improving R&D activities and applied knowledge, skills and competence that are required to ensure the wellbeing of future generations.

IECE mission is to be a future oriented institute that focuses on providing innovative and value-added R&D, education and consultancy solutions for the environment, civil engineering, energy and other associated natural and social science sectors.

There are currently 11 employees and numerous trainers and consultants who provide their expert advice on relevant projects and education activities.

Field of activity:

▶ Undertaking research and development projects and activities.

▶ Providing lifelong learning programs including executive programs, and workshops, forums and round tables.

▶ Providing consultancy services to clients and partners.

IECE is developing and implementing courses in the field of sustainable development, environment, civil engineering, energy, management, etc. These courses are attractive, innovative and tailor made according to the needs of the industry.

In order to offer best quality courses and programs IECE feels the need to continuously exchange ideas and knowledge with other international educational institutions. IECE is investing in quality development while offering attractive and innovative educational programs that will help adult learners to be proactive and successfully adapt to the future. In this regard, IECE employees continuously upgrade their knowledge, methodology, insights and skills on new didactics and teaching methods, change processes, and quality development.

IECE approach is toward continuous lifelong learning education, which is critical in advancing the socio-economic status of any country, company and/or institute, because it produces a great number of highly skilled, expert, innovative, ethical individuals that are required to build and lead the industries of tomorrow.

IECE is position to be the interface for academics and the business world, to provide mutual and beneficial exchange of knowledge, ideas and expertise, and develop programs and activities that will help to ensure the wellbeing of future generations. IECE has affiliations with a range of leading educational and business institutions within the region. IECE supports the development of strong leaders, managers and supervisors via creating and offering specialized programs within the environment, civil engineering and energy sectors.