Quality control & Monitoring
    The project will apply quality assurance activities to monitor the progress and project outcomes. Project managers and coordinators from each project partner organisations will be responsible for quality control, monitoring and evaluation activities. The quality assurance plan is meant to be an ongoing, centralized, implementation activity aimed at determining a common understanding and agreement of key project issues such as the definition of project objectives, roles and responsibilities of project partners as well as defining critical success factors, risks, constraints and organizational issues. It will be described in a formal document that is online accessible to all project partners and will be updated regularly.

Quality of the project will be monitored and measured using several instruments:

1. The work in the development phases will result in formal deliverables - intellectual outputs that are committed in this description of work. A focus of the project management will be to assure the work on the deliverables starts at an appropriate time and finishes on time before the deliverables are due.

2. All project processes and results will have to undergo a peer review process. All produced intellectual outputs will be circulated for comments and suggestions. Quality assurance manual will be developed and used through all project activities.

3. Evaluations will be performed throughout the whole project. Evaluation of curriculum and courses material will be implemented. Also, evaluation of progress and satisfaction of trainers and adult learners will be implemented. The results will also be part of the report to be submitted to the National Agency.

4. Professional development courses for management and leadership skills will be certified on European level.