WUS Austria

World University Service (WUS) Austria is a non-governmental organization committed to the promotion of the human right to education on the basis of academic freedom and university autonomy. Since its establishment in Graz in 1983, WUS Austria has been working on the promotion of this aim in various countries all over the world.

WUS Austria is competent partner for the development of higher education (HE), which is a key factor in the socio-economic and political advancement of every society. WUS Austria offers expertise in increasing the quality of HE in accordance with European (Bologna process; European Higher Education Area - EHEA) and international standards in order to establish solid and sustainable structures for a strong role of universities in society. Against this background, WUS Austria has implemented change management in accordance with the Bologna principles since 2001. In the context of development cooperation, WUS Austria has been  a driving force in the successful transfer of knowledge and expertise on the implementation of the Bologna process from EU countries to countries of transition. Vice versa, our HE experts also systematically analyse, adapt and transfer the lessons learned made in transition countries within the EU countries.

Today WUS Austria is active both within the EU countries and countries outside of geographic Europe.  WUS Austria employs two offices in Graz and in Prishtina with 11 staff members. In addition to EU Europe and SEE, the organization focuses on other regions such as the Caucusus, Western CIS, Central Asia and Northern Africa and is further interested in cooperation with other countries in the world.

Sustainable development of Higher Education goes beyond the university level. Responding to this, WUS Austria works together with the public sector, economy and society as a whole. A special focus lies on the cooperation between universities and the business world and on the employability of university graduates. Also, WUS Austria is experienced in knowledge and technology transfer, development of LLL curricula and in VET.